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off to school….

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Yes.. the time has come! Or rather it will in a few days. I had been contemplating on the thought of ‘should I send sonny to school or not?’. Sometime last week I visited a couple of play schools with sonny. The first one that we went to was a day care center too and had loads of toddlers moving about. Some of them were crying while others were just sitting doing nothing. They were probably tired, I thought. There were several aayahs looking after these children. One of them got up when I went in and 2 goodday biscuits fell out of her saree pallu. ‘Had she stolen it off a tiffin?’ OR ‘Was it there when she was trying to feed a kid and she had forgotten all about it?’ I dint want to think more about it…. but I did not get good vibes over all. Sonny also was standing in a corner looking everywhere, scared. The second playschool swept him off his feet. Normally shy, he greeted everyone (including the watchman) with a ‘HI’ and he did not even need me to tell him to do so. He was so happy with the ‘ball pit’, there must’ve been a million balls in there. Ok! Maybe a couple hundred.

I got all the details and went the next day and enrolled him. He’ll be starting sometime mid June. I’m already getting the heebee jeebees. Will he settle in? What if he cries for me? Will he get bullied? Or will he be a bully? Oh dear! I hope everything goes on well.

Will be back with some ‘first day at school pictures’.

Kaisi hain yeh…

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… ruth ke jisme, phool banke dil khile…

What an awesome song. I melt away and float everytime I listen to this song from Dil Chahta hain. The picturisation, the emotions on Akshaye Khanna’s face, the May-November romance that’s blooming or rather AK falling in love with Dimple… all of it.  See it here 


(Don’t) Show me your finger.

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Phase III of General elections took place over several parts of the country yesterday. Mumbai, whose citizens made such a hue and cry and fuss about voting saw the least percentage of voters. All this is just info.

The reason why I’m writing this post is it was such a disgraceful sight when some of the “so called” celebs held up their middle finger to show the ink mark on their fingers. Apparently the middle finger was chosen as the index finger had been marked in the recent by polls, Zilla Parishat and council elections.  If anyone saw the Bachchan family holding up their fingers, they’d have seen that it looked as though they were telling everyone off. While there were other dignified people who held all their fingers up or held up a Victory sign…

So much for celebs who know that everyone is watching them and idolising them and all that jazz.


Did we vote?… Yes, we did.

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Bangalore had its Phase I of the elections yesterday and wow, there was a great turnout of people wanting to cast their votes. Somehew, compared to the previous elections there was a sea change in the attitudes of people this time. It was evident that people were wanting a change and they dint want to compramise any longer.

So here’s the proof that we pressed the button.

That’s my finger… (nice, no?)


That’s V’s finger


And then.. that’s sonny’s nose with an ink spot. Yes, he voted too…


Actually as soon as V got the ink marked on his finger he accidently touched sonny on his nose with the same finger. Talk of co-incidences…

The ink spot is refusing to go.   We scrubbed it and rubbed it and creamed it and washed it, but, no… It’ll probably take a day or two. Meanwhile, we are explaining to everyone how it happened because that’s the first thing you see when you look at his face.

Have you voted? Don’t sit at home when your chance comes. Like a local radio station says ‘ Please vote, or else shut up for the next five years’


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After so many days of ’should I, should’nt I?’ I finally boarded my bike this morning. The cycle (belongs to a cousin) was lying in the garage for nearly a year now. Every now and then I had taken it to the repair shop to get the tyre pressure checked, hoping that i’d ride it the next day. But I never took off.

This morning I made up my mind, come what may, I will cycle. The alarm was all set for 4.45 am. At 3.45 am V., tapped me and woke me up saying sonny had pooped in his pants.  Woke up and cleaned the whole thing (poor sonny has been having an upset tummy for the last couple of days)… in the process, sonny also was wide awake. After 5 minutes we were back in bed, but no matter what, I was unable to sleep…. I tossed and turned and wondered if I should wake up or try harder to sleep…

I got up at 4.45 and washed up and got ready and took the cycle out.. There was no stopping now. I plugged earphones and turned on the radio. It was 5.10am when I started, I cycle around the block. Since it had rained last night it was quite chilly and a cool breeze was blowing… it was wonderful.

Now, you must be wondering what’s with waking up so early and cycling in the dark. This is the reason… last year when I got the cycle home and took it out for a spin I only got people staring at me, more so ladies at that. It was so awkward. They probably dint expect a married, mother of one, a little plump one at that riding the cycle at this age..

So, I decided to ride in the dark ages for a few days till I get comfortable with the bike. 

Cheers to cycling!

its raining, its pouring…

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Whew! I wiped that bead of perspiration off my brow and then realised, it was a rain drop. Its been raining cats and dogs (wonder what would happen if it really rained meows and bow-wows) for the last couple of days. Its so beautiful… thats what I like about Bangalore. Bang! Right in the middle of a scorching, hot, sweaty summer it pours and creates that beautiful weather.

I wish I could capture it all in a camera and save it forever. Hmmmm…

The sweet smell of earth, the cool breeze in the air… all of it